NO WORKSHOPS FOR NOW, due to covid-19, corona. Workshops can be booked for later though!

Sharing knowledge & teaching whatever skills I may have is a personal mission of mine – workshops are the ideal way of doing that. My workshops can take place just about anywhere, as long as the light is good.

Usually a workshop will take 2,5-3 hours, depending on the subject. A workshop can be arranged with a minimum of 4 participants.

These are the workshops that are much asked for, but other subjects are entirely possible:

Learning the craft:

* Crocheting a ‘granny-shawl’ right from the beginning of how to crochet.

* Crocheting neat granny-squares, and then how to turn them into a bag,

* Knitting in the round,  how to knit a col or pillowcase on circular knitting pins.

* Felting a crocheted or knitted item (= fulling) and shaping it.


* Using crafting (crocheting or knitting) to create some peace of mind – crocheting mandalas & learning how to feel grounded and build peace around you & within you, in simple, everyday manners.

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